What’s more important, managing or leading?

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Hint:  that’s a false question.

The reality is that to build and sustain a high-performing business you need both.   Simply Reliable’s suite of products help you profitably manage your business, from sales through customer satisfaction.  In this blog series, our goal is to assist you in excelling at leading your business.

I was once fortunate to be selected to the Leaders Inner Circle at EDS, which you may remember as the company started by Ross Perot.  The company was kind enough to gather those of us who were selected for a celebratory event. Each of us were asked to provide a quote that most influenced our view of leadership.  The group provided an impressive list, from trail-blazing business leaders like Andrew Carnegie to noted politicians like Abraham Lincoln.

What quote did I select?

“See the ball, hit the ball” – Ted Williams

OK, not exactly deep.  But by that point in my career, I had learned a lesson that has stuck with me since:  Simple Wins. Communicating your unique advantage to buyers in a few words helps your message stick.  Providing your team with a clear, concise set of principles creates the foundation for a healthy culture.  Efficient processes are more easily repeatable.

Here’s an example:  I was hired to help re-boot a start-up operation that was failing.  After spending time observing the team, I brought them together for a meeting.  Someone suggested we needed a mission statement to rally around. From there, the usual wordsmithing started.  Finally, a team member said, “It’s simple! Have fun, build cool stuff, help customers win!” That became our True North statement, it was easy for team members to remember and it really did define how we operated.  

So, the first step of our leadership journey is this:  take a look around your operation. What can you do to simplify your market message, statement of purpose for your team and internal processes?  

Simple Wins.

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