Vision, Mission, and Values

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The Beginning…

Even before you build out a full product library, or a team, or even a full suite of branding materials, first comes something even more important: establishing your vision, mission, and values.

What do we mean by each?

Your vision is your dream for the future. It should include details of where you want your company to go: what success, revenue, company culture, customer interaction, and more should look like in the future. Consider it a road map that informs everything you do, while also attracting employees who want to help you reach those goals.

Your mission is, quite simply, what you do in the world. What do you offer, and how does it change customers’ lives for the better? Why do you do what you do?

Your values are the standards and principles by which you work. They guide how your team behaves, their decision-making, and even the products and services you offer.

To figure out your own version of all three, think about how your business is different from competitors. Is there a particular core value you feel your team demonstrates way more than other companies’ employees? For your company vision, you might be neck-and-neck with a competitor now, but how do you envision differentiating in the future? Where will your business take a different path? How will you meet customers’ needs differently? Answering some of these questions is just the start for building out your own vision, mission, and values.

Clearly establishing (and communicating) a strong vision, mission statement, and core values for your business will go a long way. Having these in place streamlines your decision-making, helps employees see their place in the future of the company (improving retention), attracts and retains right-fit customers, clarifies priorities, and more.

About the Author

Manny Salomon

Manny Salomon is  a Principal at WWDB Integrated Marketing with 28 years of wide ranging experience in the field of marketing. He helps business owners who are leaders in their industry, reach their personal and professional goals by partnering with them to create their unique brand and attract their ideal client by communicating what they do best.