Selling Under the Influence – Influence Buying Behaviors of Communication Styles

Mark Cichowski smartPRENEUR Blog Series

In the last blog, we identified style traits. Let’s look at how to work with those traits. Communication Style: The Driver - Result Driven - Confrontation No Problem  Be direct and to the point, quick & concise  Be businesslike, avoid ‘fuzzy’ conversations  Provide well thought-out recommendations  Stick with tasks and results  Avoid stories, too many opinions and surprises  Present a ...
Effective vs Efficiency

Effective vs. Efficient

Marilyn Sanford smartPRENEUR Blog Series

Is the process or activity effective? Efficiencies are typically at the heart of planning and tracking business.  Ways to ensure efficiency may include:  tools, training, tracking systems, supervision, etc.  We have lots of ways to highlight and ensure efficiencies.  The question that is rarely asked: is the process or activity effective?  There is an important distinction. A highway may be ...

How workflow documentation can help with software implementation

Jason Sayen smartPRENEUR Blog Series

Implementing software into your business can be a daunting task. Sometimes we do it because we have to.  For example, all businesses need to run some sort of accounting software like Quickbooks in order to pay for items, process invoices, etc.  If you have a more mature business and are looking into making certain areas run more efficiently in order ...