Turnover and Company Culture

Marilyn SanfordsmartPRENEUR Blog Series

The Cost of Turnover I’ve heard horror stories about the cost of turnover in firms, especially smaller firms.   It may be one of the least understood and costly aspects of running a small labor dependent business.   Estimates have ranged from a month’s salary to a year’s salary.   I’m not referring to payouts, I’m referring to the internal ...

Task Management

Marilyn SanfordsmartPRENEUR Blog Series

In my last smartPRENEUR Blog we spoke to the importance of creating systems to capture detail and ensure effective information flow.   There is no question that task management systems are critical.  Automating is a big help, especially once clear processes which have been documented and tried, are in place.  Some key benefits of task management software:  Single place for ...

Hourly Labor Rates

Chris SmithsmartPRENEUR Blog Series

What to charge clients for integration labor? It’s a two-way street that impacts what the integrator can afford to pay an employee and thereby retain that employee. And then there’s what the client “will” (or presumably “won’t”) pay. If that number is low then the pay, and likely quality, of that given employee will be low. Is that ultimately what ...
Attention to Details

Pay Attention to the Details

Marilyn SanfordsmartPRENEUR Blog Series

How to Boost Productivity A 2017 study by NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses) revealed that 56% of small business owners consider communication is key to boosting productivity. Further, it stated that the most powerful way to boost productivity is to optimize task management systems, so that the details don’t become protracted, and processes are easily captured and repeated.   No surprise ...
Effective vs Efficiency

Effective vs. Efficient

Marilyn SanfordsmartPRENEUR Blog Series

Is the process or activity effective? Efficiencies are typically at the heart of planning and tracking business.  Ways to ensure efficiency may include:  tools, training, tracking systems, supervision, etc.  We have lots of ways to highlight and ensure efficiencies.  The question that is rarely asked: is the process or activity effective?  There is an important distinction. A highway may be ...
Culture of Improvement

A Culture of Improvement

Marilyn SanfordsmartPRENEUR Blog Series

Gaining Insight It used to drive me crazy when I took a look at the codes we’d accumulated for tracking labor.   Yet, what I knew, was the more detail we had, the more insights into what was necessary, billable and ultimately effective, the greater influence and insights we had over what to change, whether to add, improve or discontinue.   ...