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Did You Buy a Job or Build a Career?

Tom Coffin smartPRENEUR Blog Series

What’s the difference between a career and a job you might ask. CAREER The brilliant minds at Merriam-Webster provide this definition of Career. A profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling.  A field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life.   JOB Now let’s see how the ...

Introducing the smartPRENEUR Blog 2022 and its Faculty

Tom Coffin smartPRENEUR Blog Series

Hello smartPRENEURS, We have some awesome learnings coming. For 2022/2023 we have new faculty members contributing to the smartPRENEUR Blog and the smartPRENEUR Podcast. Every Monday, starting today, we’ll release a new blog post. Each week will bring a different smartPRENEUR Faculty member’s insights based on their experience. Each Wednesday we will release the podcast version of the smartPRENEUR Faculty ...
Tom Coffin

Meet the Faculty: Tom Coffin

Tom Coffin smartPRENEUR Blog Series

Tom Coffin, CEO, President, and Co-Founder of Simply Reliable, Inc. Tom Coffin co-founded Simply Reliable, Inc. in 2012 to leverage the IP from Simply Reliable Software and utilize the process and workflow concepts originally conceived for smartOFFICE and designMACHINE and bring them to the cloud and to mobile platforms. Professional Experience: Tom has been in the Consumer Electronics industry since ...
Manny Salomon

Meet the Faculty: Manny Salomon

Manny Salomon smartPRENEUR Blog Series

Manny Salomon, Principal at WWDB Integrated Marketing Manny Salomon founded WWDB (What We Do Best Integrated Marketing in 2010 to work with business owners who are leaders in their industry, reach their personal and professional goals by partnering with them to create their unique brand and attract their ideal client by communicating what they do best. Professional Experience: What do you ...
Chris Smith - Headshot

Meet the Faculty: Chris Smith

Chris Smith smartPRENEUR Blog Series

Chris Smith, Founder/Principal at TheCo Team Chris Smith founded TheCoTeam in 2020 to Coach | Consult | Collaborate with businesses to help solve problems, achieve operational excellence, and most importantly - optimize profit. Professional Experience: With 20 years of industry specific, domain expertise, Chris has held positions at technology integration firms (Advanced Audio + Cloud9 Smart) and manufacturers (Bowers & Wilkins + McIntosh Labs). Core ...
Jason Sayen

Meet the Faculty: Jason Sayen

Jason Sayen smartPRENEUR Blog Series

Jason Sayen, Founder/Principal at I am Sayen With over 27 years of experience in the Consumer Electronics Industry he is focused around building customer relationships, strategic process improvement, and problem solving.    I am Sayen, helps business owners understand their process through workflow documentation which aligns teams and removes bottlenecks. Professional Experience  Jason’s work experience includes working at four different CEDIA Manufacturers, ...
Mark Cichowski

Meet the Faculty: Mark Cichowski

Mark Cichowski smartPRENEUR Blog Series

Mark Cichowski, CEO at Clarity AV International, Inc. Relevant Past Positions & Experience: Broad experience includes business development (domestic and international), sales management, marketing, client relations, training, extensive domestic and international travel, successful P&L management, operational responsibility, product launches, direct sales, and more. Mark has a results oriented approach with an inquisitive personality, and he's been described as direct, outgoing and positive. Audio/Video roots ...