Why is Get Calendars not showing the calendars that I want to set for Users?

John Coffin

Get Calendars will only display calendars that your user is able to “Make Changes to Events” or “Make Changes and Manage Sharing”. The user of the calendar needs to go to “Share This Calendar” for their calendar, enter the email address that is set for your smartOFFICE Online user, and set the Permission Settings to either of these options.

A quick way to know that a calendar is properly shared with your user is to open your Google Calendar and verify that the calendar is listed under “My Calendars”.

In the screenshot below you will see that the calendars “Chris Jaffe”, “Jonathan Knapp” and “Tom Coffin” are not properly shared . The only calendars that will display when using Get Calendar in this example are “SRS smartOFFICE – Jo…” and “John’s Install Calendar” as these are listed under “My Calendars”.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.22.11 AM

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