What do I do if a customer wants to remove or add a product to an accepted proposal?

John Coffin

A Change Order should be created if any changes need to be made to an accepted proposal.

Lock the proposal on Proposal > Settings if the proposal is not already locked.  Navigate to Proposal > Add Products.

Use the Action menu next to a proposal line item that needs to be removed and select Delete.


Drag a product or use the Add button in any of the product tabs.

At this point a prompt will display to create a Change Order. Select New Change Order, enter a name or leave the suggested name and then click OK. This will create a Change Order and add the negative QTY or positive QTY to the Change Order depending on if you are removing or adding. You can then continue to delete products and select the newly created Change Order or click the project name at the top right, select the Change Order and continue to add positive line items.

Note: Products can also be removed via Proposal > Details under the Line Items section using either the Action menu for an individual line item or selecting the checkbox for the line items and using the Action menu at the very top of the line items.


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