How do I mass edit company products?

John Coffin

Navigate to Manage > Products. Enter your search criteria and click Search. Use the sub-filters if you want to narrow the list further. Check the individual products or use the Select All check box located to the left of Manufacturer in the column header. Click the drop down arrow next to the word Action in the column header. Select Edit. An Edit Company Product window will open. Any data that is entered will be saved to ALL products when you click the Save button.

Mixed, in a field, means that these fields do not have the same data entered. An example of a field that may have Mixed is Description. In this case, you may not want to have the same description for all of these products. Do not enter any data here and when you save the field will not be updated. The individual products will still have their unique descriptions.

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John CoffinHow do I mass edit company products?