How do I create a prewire drawing?

John Coffin

You first need to create a product in designMACHINE called Generic Head End Prewire. All of the outputs that will be required should be added to this product. Generic products also need to be in your product database with their required inputs.

After you have these products created in product database you can create a new project. Create your rooms. For example: Equipment, Room1, Room2 etc. Add Generic Head End Prewire to the Equipment room. Add your other generic items to the other rooms. Then connect the inputs of the generic items to the outputs of the Generic Head End Prewire. The wiring diagram can be created once all of the connections have been made.

An example prewire drawing can be found in our community forum here: How to create a Prewire drawing with an example



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John CoffinHow do I create a prewire drawing?