How do I create a line item invoice?

John Coffin

You must first activate “Time and Material Billing” before a line item invoice can be created.

When logged into smartOFFICE Online, click on the drop down arrow at the top right of the page next to your name and select “Settings”.

Expand “Proposal Settings”.

Expand “Payment Term Settings”

Check the box “Include Time and Material Option”. You may also check “Set as Default” if you would like all future proposals to be set as Time and Material instead of with a Payment Term.

Now that you have activated “Time and Material Billing” a line item invoice may be created from a proposal.

Navigate to Proposal > Details for the selected unlocked proposal.

Expand “Payment Terms”.

Click in the drop down which displays the current selected Payment Term’s name and select “Time and materials”.

Save the proposal.

Expand “Line Items” and click on the tab “Invoicing”.

There is a check box in the header bar next to the action button. This will select all line items. Another option is to select the individual line items that you want to invoice by checking the check box next to the action button for the line item.

Click on the button “Create Invoice”.



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