designMACHINE System Requirements

John Coffin

Hardware and Operating System Prerequisite

Operating System: Windows 10 or higher are supported. Apple Hardware and Linux are currently not supported. You can run designMACHINE using a third party virtual Windows environment such as Parallels, VMWare or Fusion.

Hardware Requirements: Intel-compatible Pentium 4 or higher with a minimum of 800 GHz, At least 1GB of RAM (4GB recommended), Hard disk with at least 1 GB of free space.

Network Requirements: Internet access is required for all system upgrades, maintenance, and to validate your license.

Software Requirements: designMACHINE requires Microsoft Visio 2016 or higher (sold separately).

designMACHINE creates a cable schedule in a spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher is strongly recommended. If office is not installed designMACHINE will output the cable schedule as a single csv file which can be opened in other programs. You may use these, but they are not supported.

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John CoffindesignMACHINE System Requirements