Simply Reliable Software announces SRS Draw powered by Stardraw

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Simply Reliable Software (SRS) chose ISE 2006 as the platform to launch SRS Draw, a new engineering module for their project-based management system, SRS SmartOffice. SRS Draw, powered by the Stardraw drawing engine, enables users to generate project drawings such as schematic diagrams automatically, directly from the project data.

SRS has been a Stardraw advocate and reseller for nearly two years, and has been using Stardraw as the front-end drawing package for some time. However, SRS proprietor Jonathan Knapp, was keen to offer his customers a fully integrated SRS solution, and SRS Draw is the result. For the first time, users are able to automatically generate project drawings, including correctly routed interconnections, directly from the project data.

“It’s the perfect solution,” stated Knapp. “This is technological integration at its best. I wanted to continue using the Stardraw engine for a number of reasons: it’s reliable, it’s stable and it’s AutoCAD compatible, which is critical in this market. Another key factor is that Stardraw understands cables and connections, which is also vitally important. The result is a fully integrated, all-in-one solution for the custom install market which is capable of handling everything from contact management, prospect tracking, proposal generation right through to scheduling, billing and project management, and now engineering drawings as well.”

Stardraw CEO David Snipp is equally pleased with the result. “The beauty of our technology is that it works equally well as a stand-alone package or as a platform for an OEM solution. We work very closely with our OEM customers to evolve a specification and customize our software accordingly, which is always faster and more cost-effective than employing in-house developers to do the same task. SRS is yet another manufacturer who has understood how Stardraw can help to achieve their own unique solution.”

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