Simply Reliable Launches Cloud-based SmartOffice Online 2.0 Business Software

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In advance of the upcoming annual CEDIA Expo in Denver this September, the Brookline, Mass.-based company Simply Reliable introduced the latest version of its custom installation business management software.

Simply Reliable’s new SmartOffice Online 2.0 is a cloud-based solution that was improved and updated by the company based on the feedback of its users.

“We listen intently to customer and non-customer feedback,” says Tom Coffin, vice president of business development, Simply Reliable. “We’ve added over 200 new features to SmartOffice Online in this version.”

The latest version of the software includes options for proposals, invoicing, purchase orders, work orders, and scheduling through Google Calendar integration starting at $29.99 per month.

Describing some of the features the company says with the proposal options users can group by project, and merge and move proposals from one project to another. The business management tool’s change order options allow for the creation and tracking, and users can automatically or manually lock proposals once they are created.

Other updates include a newly redesigned interface that includes the use of “responsive technology” to allow users to adjust the screen size to match the device they are using the tool on, which includes computers, tablets and smart phones. Simply Reliable has also created a new section under “Help Details Information” to communicate software updates to users.

Coffin adds that the company is excited about the new software and decided to release it prior to the CEDIA trade event.

“We were so excited to share these new features that we just couldn’t wait until CEDIA Expo 2014,” he admits. “SmartOffice Online 2.0 is live now. If you have tried SmartOffice previously, I highly recommend you try SmartOffice Online 2.0. Those who would like t try out SmartOffice Online can do it for free for 30 days at [or they can] contact Simply Reliable at 1-800-209-9332 to reset your free trial.”

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