Simply Reliable Gets Capital Investment from Integrator Group

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101010, LLC, an investment group made up of integration business owners, has made a strategic investment of an undisclosed amount in Simply Reliable, Inc., a leading business process software provider for the electronic systems market.

101010, LLC is a multi-national group of dealers who came together with a goal to align their businesses through a common software platform and sharing best practices and processes to grow their businesses. Previously, 101010 spent $50,000 to develop a specification to develop its own software application. But after thorough analysis, the group determined the expense to privately develop that software was cost prohibitive. Instead, the group has decided to invest in Simply Reliable’s software solution. The financing will assist in the development of SmartOffice Online, Simply Reliable’s cloud-based business process solution.

“The 101010 has spent approximately $50,000 developing their idea of the perfect application,” says Simply Reliable CEO Jonathan Knapp. “Their concept and attention to best practices is very closely aligned with SmartOffice and its focus on creating process in a business. We are excited to add their depth of experience, real world analysis, and direct feedback to our 11-year history of delivering software. They bring a lot to the table.”

The company’s products cover the complete business process from first contact through final invoicing. The cloud expansion will see many exciting new features such as business intelligence, advanced dashboards, and greening of the business process. The SmartOffice Editions are scalable from a single person operation through large corporations. Pricing starts at $29.99 per month for SmartOffice Online Sales Edition.

“This Industry has struggled with a lot of change and dynamics over the twenty plus years I have been engaged,” says Marilyn Sanford owner of La Scala and managing partner in 101010, LLC. “I see two fundamental needs to help counter this: end to end software that will guide a business through the details while providing metrics and feedback to ensure targets are met; collaboration, development and sharing of best practices. On the first point Simply Reliable offers the single best option because they come at this from an industry’s perspective. The Specification that 101010 developed is the fruit of collaboration, discussion and development that is supercharging the SmartOffice platform. Engaging with this type of synergy is a no brainer both from best practice and from end to end software. It will only get better.”

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