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I have watched as integrators overcomplicate the process of creating a service plan. Answering a few key questions will help to define the framework of your offering and be better able to price it accurately. Keep it simple! Seriously, one page, plain English, one price point (% of System Price), and non-optional.

General Timing:

  • Days/Hours of Operation

Response Times:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Response
  • On-Site
  • Resolution


  • Offered? If so, how often, what’s included, how is it delivered?

Remote Support:

  • Offered? If so, requirements, limitations, method?
  • Timing: 24/7 vs 9-5?
  • Email/Phone/Text?

Preventative/Preemptive Visits:

  • Offered? If so, how often, what’s included? Limitations?
  • Tests/Cleaning/FW/Summary/Warranty Status/Upgrades

Control Systems:

  • What’s included? (Minor FW Updates)
  • Limitations? (Programming Revisions)

Lighting/Shading Systems:

  • What’s included? (Minor FW Updates)
  • Limitations? (Programming Revisions)

Personal Devices:

  • What’s included? (iOS for Control System)
  • Limitations? (Other iOS/Gaming/etc.)

Warranty vs Non-Warranty:

  • Repair/Replacement, Shipping, Labor

System Alterations/Modifications/Tampering:

  • Acknowledgement and mitigation

Required Hardware:

  • Remote Access PC (or Mac, Power Reboot, Network, etc.
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