Selling Under the Influence – Influence Buying Behaviors of Communication Styles

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In the last blog, we identified style traits. Let’s look at how to work with those traits.

Communication Style: The Driver – Result Driven – Confrontation No Problem

 Be direct and to the point, quick & concise

 Be businesslike, avoid ‘fuzzy’ conversations

 Provide well thought-out recommendations

 Stick with tasks and results

 Avoid stories, too many opinions and surprises

 Present a menu of good alternatives for them to choose from

 Focus on results and timetables. Give them benefits that answer “What” & “When”

Communication Style: The Analyst- Result Driven – Avoids Confrontation

 Be patient, organized and logical, thorough and avoid jumping to conclusions

 Be willing to dig through the details and reasons with them

 Stick to facts and data. Avoid opinions, hype and surprises

 Allow them time by themselves to decide so they can check and cross-check

 Identify benefits that answer “How”.

Communication Style: The Relater – People Driven – Avoids Confrontation

 Be supportive

 Put people high on your list of considerations

 Be willing to draw out ideas and concerns

 Avoid being pushy and allow them time to consult with others before they decide

 Stress the people benefits.

 Identify benefits that answer “Why”.

Communication Style: The Expressor – People Driven – Confrontation No Problem

 Stimulating presentations – pictures, not words

 Be willing to assist them to perfect their ideas

 Be attentive.

 Explore options

 Stick with the big picture.

 Avoid details and procedures

 Give them opportunities to make quick decisions

 Give them benefits that answer “Who”.

More on these styles in the next blog.

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