Selling Under the Influence – How do YOU work with various Communication Styles?

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Every personality is not absolute. People can reflect three styles, but typically not the fourth. Refer to the grid below. An Analyst personality may also have traits from a Driver or Relater, but less likely an Expressor. A Driver may have traits of an Analyst and Expressor, but less likely warm and fuzzy Relater traits. Perhaps sometimes, but not their core.

Personality Quadrant

  • Opposite styles attract, then repel.
  • Personalities in the opposite quadrants often get along initially, then have conflict.
  • When stressed, we generally communicate/sell only out of one style, ignoring the signals of others.

Look at each “stress style” and realize that people often retreat to this in a stressful situation. This could be decision making in a sales environment.

We create ‘difficult’ people when we fail to pick up clues others give us.

‘Difficult’ people will buy, but probably not from you.

What is YOUR style? Write it down. This is likely to influence how you communicate with other styles and at least be aware of those style traits.

Remember when I asked you to write the name of a person that you have a difficult time getting along with? Who is that and what is their style? Opposite of yours? Regardless of the answer, this info may help you not only influence people in a sales environment, but help you understand the personalities of family, friends, and co-workers.

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Mark Cichowski is CEO of Clarity AV International, Inc. and brings over 41 years to the custom installation channel.  Mark is currently working on various projects such as training programs and general business development.