Sell, or sell not, there is no try…

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What is a sale?

What is a salesperson?

We’ll get into that eventually.

True, professional salesmanship has largely become a lost art. To be blunt, a lot of “salespeople” suck at selling. Much of this is due to the fact that many people in sales sort of fell into the profession and never had formal training. This is not their fault since life happens and we often take the ready, shoot, aim approach.

These series of sales-oriented blogs should have a combination of “wow, great point”, “yeah, I remember that”, and “no, duh” moments, depending on your level of experience. I know, I know, some might be saying, “thanks, Captain Obvious”, but even the best salespeople need to continually bring techniques top-of-mind. You may know many a variety of different selling techniques, but are you using them?

Also, to get this out of the way, I am not a writer and I typically write da way I “tawk” (yeah, I’m from Joisey, exit 138, fuhgeddaboudit).

There is no magic answer to being a great salesperson since there is no perfect way to transact a sale. There are thousands of books that illustrate many “best” ways to sell. When all is said and done, there are many time-tested fundamentals that are often left out of a proper sales environment.

Foundational sales techniques along with ways to execute those techniques, will be the focus of this series. Complimentary to that, we’ll delve into communication methods to maximize those techniques.

In the next blog, we’ll dive into some foundations of sales that are rock solid practices no matter what stage of your sales career that you are in.

Overall, massive amounts of further information and details for the topics that we cover can be found online. Sales websites, books, other blogs, etc. I encourage you to continue to dig into topics that peak your interest, have questions about and help make you better.

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Mark Cichowski

Mark Cichowski is CEO of Clarity AV International, Inc. and brings over 41 years to the custom installation channel.  Mark is currently working on various projects such as training programs and general business development.