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Marc is the founder and President of Rise Marketing Company. With a background in engineering, Marc’s approach to business and marketing is more analytical, building on the facts and bringing solutions to the process. With over 30 years’ experience at starting and building up companies both small and large in the Audio/Video/Security space, Marc brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to the industry.

Rise Marketing Company is a full-service marketing agency that has been working with businesses both large and small located around the world helping them build successful brands.

Marc’s detailed knowledge, in-depth understanding, and decades of first hand experience of all aspects of the Audio/Video, Automation, and Security industry has enabled him to guide businesses to the best branding and marketing solutions that work for AVS businesses including Residential, Commercial, and Manufacturing markets.

He works with startups, small, medium and large businesses to strategize and implement custom branding, design and promotion plans.

Marc Bally is the Founder and President of Rise Marketing Company and brings over thirty years of experience to the custom installation channel.


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Tom Coffin is CEO/President/Co-Founder of Simply Reliable. He has owned and operated companies in retail, security, Audio/Video, Systems Integration, and Home Automation product manufacturing sector.