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Decisions, Decisions

You can’t be all things to all people. Selecting the right client(s) and right project(s) will result in a profitable business. The opposite is also true – painfully true! 

Consuming your time with the wrong client(s) prevents you from being able to take the right client(s) and project(s). This is known as “Opportunity Cost”. 

Ask These Questions

  1. Does the client/project fit my core products/brands for network, remote/service access, video, audio, control, lighting, and shading? Remember, they don’t have to opt for all categories or be the “Best” of every category. For what they do select does it meet those standards?
  2. Does it fit my service standard? I may not yet have a service plan to sell but when I do are they setup for that platform?
  3. Is the customer on-board with your strategy/solution/methods?
  4. Is the customer pleasant to work with? Do you see zero red flags during the interaction?
  5. Is the customer willing to pay you what we need to be profitable?
  6. Can we deliver the work on-time and on-budget? 
  7. Can we make the client happy? Can we avoid disappointing the client? 

If the answer to any of the above is “no” it’s smart to pass. 

Ignoring the warning signs leads to disappointed clients and referral sources, frustrated employees with higher turnover, an inability to scale, and a business that is less efficient with lower profitability.

Have a standard, stick to it, make clients and staff happy, be profitable.

About the Author

Chris Smith

Chris Smith is the Principal and Founder of TheCoTeam. Bringing 20 years of industry experience to the custom installation space, they Coach | Consult | Collaborate with integrators and manufacturers to solve problems and run a more efficient business.