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Hello smartPRENEURS,

We have some awesome learnings coming. For 2022/2023 we have new faculty members contributing to the smartPRENEUR Blog and the smartPRENEUR Podcast. Every Monday, starting today, we’ll release a new blog post. Each week will bring a different smartPRENEUR Faculty member’s insights based on their experience. Each Wednesday we will release the podcast version of the smartPRENEUR Faculty member’s blog where we dig deeper into their subject of the week.

What’s it All About?

Here at Simply Reliable, we are dedicated to helping smartPRENEURS grow their businesses. We are dedicated to assisting you in increasing the profitability of your business by utilizing proven process and process automation. Your Success is Our Goal.

What’s a smartPRENEUR?

A smartPRENEUR is a word we use to describe business owners who understand that in order to run a successful business that business must have process. The processes must be repeatable and scalable. A smartPRENEUR is constantly and methodically working “ON” their business, not just working “IN” their business.

What’s The smartPRENEUR Blog?

The smartPRENEUR Blog is written by the smartPRENEUR Faculty. Each week one of the faculty shall share their insights on their area of expertise. Subject matter will include; Selling, Marketing, Process, Workflow, Business Operations, and Labor Utilization. The blog does not discuss specific software solutions or promote smartOFFICE or designMACHINE specifically. We welcome all to the smartPRENEUR Community.

What’s The smartPRENEUR Podcast?

Join me for The smartPRENEUR Podcast each Wednesday beginning Feb 2nd, 2022 where we’ll engage in conversation with a smartPRENEUR Faculty member and take a deeper dive into the subject of their blog that week. These are kept brief but loaded with great learnings from seasoned Entrepreneurs that have been successful in the Systems Integration market for many years. The video version may be viewed on our website, our YouTube channel, PodBean, and Apple Podcasts. The Audio only version will be available on virtually any podcast app you are currently using.

What’s smartPRENEUR Academy?

The smartPRENEUR Academy is an online location where users of smartOFFICE and designMACHINE can go to view videos assisting them to learn the many valuable time saving features built into these two softwares. In 2022 smartPRENEUR Academy will introduce quizzes, tests, and certifications. This will allow owners and managers to send employees to smartPRENEUR Academy to learn the end-to-end system integrator business process system. smartPRENEUR Academy is free to all Simply Reliable paid subscribers.


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