I Would Die 4U

I Would Die 4U

Tom CoffinsmartPRENEUR Blog Series

I would die 4u. I’ll bet you’ve said that to friends or family at some point in your life. But would you really? I think most of us would say well, not literally. So what are we trying to communicate with this phrase?


Committing to someone, something, a lifestyle, or in the case of many of you reading this, myself included, your business. Being an Entrepreneur can be hard and lonely. In order to succeed one must focus on it as if it was one of your children or your spouse. There must be total commitment.

Are you missing out?

You may not be able to be home for dinner. You might miss your kid’s soccer game. Are you spending your weekends getting caught up so you can do all the other things that need to be done on Monday?

Why not be a smartPRENEUR?

Working 7 days a week 24 hours per day is not only unhealthy, it will in fact impede your success. Taking a break, implementing work-life balance provides you with more energy and  more creativity. 

The mind is an incredible device. Write down your goals and read these aloud with positive affirmations. The mind will take that information and begin to start working to deliver what you asked for. Commit to constant learning. I recommend reading the great books such Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The smartPRENEUR Platform which includes; smartPRENEUR Academy, smartPRENEUR Blog, smartPRENEUR Faculty, and smartPRENEUR Podcast is committed to helping you grow and succeed. We define a smartPRENEUR as one who works on their business not just in their business.

Workflow and Process

Developing and understanding your workflow and your business processes is critical to long term success. Write these down. Committing to defining and sharing with your team your workflow and business processes is a great first step to working ON your business and will lead you to a better work-life balance.

I’m Committed

I’m committed 100% to our subscribers. Your success is our goal is not just a marketing phrase for Simply Reliable it is my mantra. If I can help you reach out I am happy to help you grow and succeed.

Yea, I would die 4U

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Tom Coffin is CEO/President/Co-Founder of Simply Reliable. He has owned and operated companies in retail, security, Audio/Video, Systems Integration, and Home Automation product manufacturing sector.

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