How To: Efficient Meetings

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Some companies don’t meet enough while others meet too much. Others meet an appropriate amount but don’t have a defined set of rules to make sure the time is well spent and effective. Now you do!


Should we meet at all?

  • Info Pushed AT People = Don’t Meet = Memo!
  • Reason: IDS: Identify/Discuss/Solve (EOS Traction)
  • Need: Agenda, Shared Ahead, Meeting Leader, Notes
  • Notes: Decisions, Deliverables, Due Dates, Assignments


  • Exec’s Speak Last & Little!
  • As few people as possible (Fed by 2 Pizzas = 8 People)
  • No Contribution = Inform Only = Send Meeting Notes
  • Attendee(s) more productive elsewhere? Dismiss them!

The Parking Lot:

  • Stick to the agenda!
  • Anyone Drifts: Any attendee says “Parking Lot”
  • Keep Track: Use a Word Doc/List
  • Time at End = Yes: Address it; No: Schedule New Meeting

For Regularly Scheduled Meetings:

  • IDS: Identify/Discuss/Solve (EOS Traction)
  • Agenda: Same for the given meeting
  • Timing: Start & End On-Time
  • When: Same Day & Time

For a One-Off Meeting:

  • IDS: Identify/Discuss/Solve (EOS Traction)
  • Agenda: Create & Share (Ahead of Meeting)
  • Timing: Start & End On-Time


  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly?
  • Skipping: How far out of sync will you be?
  • Times are Good: Shorter/Less Frequent
  • Times are Bad: Longer/More Frequent
  • As often as needed to solve problems!

Grade Them:

  • Each Attendee: Score from 1-10 (Feedback if Needed)


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Chris Smith is the Principal and Founder of TheCoTeam. Bringing 20 years of industry experience to the custom installation space, they Coach | Consult | Collaborate with integrators and manufacturers to solve problems and run a more efficient business.