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What one word will define your 2019?

As I was listening to my flash briefing this morning, delivered via Alexa, and provided by LinkedIN. An interesting idea was mentioned in one of the stories, at least interesting to me. The article posed the idea that rather than writing out your list of activities and things you are going to give up or reduce consuming or doing, boil it down to just one word.  Could I really reduce it all down to just one word? I thought about that. Wow! That would be great!

If you’ve ever used a Vision Board, it is designed to get you to focus on images that will then permeate your thoughts. Of course this is not a new idea. I can trace it back to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, one of the first and still in my humble opinion best self improvement books every written. By reducing your goals to images, the brain can work on auto-pilot. But, one word?

So, as I was doing my daily routine and getting ready for my day, it hit me. For me the word was GROWTH. Now growth to me covers many different aspects of my life. I am writing this blog for Simply Reliable so I’ll start there.

Areas of Focus

  • Business: We are expecting tremendous growth this year as we add inventory management and time tracking features along with the Most Important Feature EVER in a business process workflow software truWIP (more on at CEDIA). We are adding a sales team and really turning on the marketing machine. And, of course for our Control4 dealer friends we will be adding some new and powerful features to increase efficiency and help you GROW.
  • Personal Life: I’ve been with the same wonderful woman for 40 years come March 17th, 2019. We’ve been blessed with 4 great children and a grandchild. But, there is always room to grow. I’d like to grow to be a better more caring person with better listening skills. I’d like to grow closer to my loving wife, if possible. I’d love to see our family grow with wives and grandchildren, hint, hint…I’d love to grow more opportunities to do things as a complete family unit.
  • Health: I’d like to see my clothes grow. OK, that’s just a nicer way of saying I could really use to lose weight. But, this year I see it differently, maybe just because of that one word. Growth. I want to stimulate my health to grow by choosing to eat better and getting out from behind the computer and moving.

If you had to choose just one word, what would it be? How would it describe or effect the important areas of your life; Spiritually, Health, Family, Financial, Business? Feel free to scoop up my word GROWTH, or find one for yourself. 2019 will be as great as you make it!


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