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My Virus Software is saying designMACHINE is infected.

Some virus software will trigger a false positive for viruses with our installer. We are working with them to resolve this issue. In the meantime, if you downloaded the installer from our website, then you can be sure that it is safe. You will need to create an exception for our installer or disable the virus protection during install.

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Will I lose my products and projects if I run the latest designMACHINE installer with a new Activation Code?

No. Products and Projects will not be lost or deleted if you run the designMACHINE installer. Only the license and the program is updated.

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How do I create a prewire drawing?

You first need to create a product in designMACHINE called Generic Head End Prewire. All of the outputs that will be required should be added to this product. Generic products also need to be in your product database with their required inputs. After you have these products created in product database you can create a new project. Create your rooms. …

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What is designMACHINE?

Currently designMACHINE is software that builds block schematic drawings, cable schedules and label information without the need for the user to utilize or have any drafting skills.

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designMACHINE System Requirements

Hardware and Operating System Prerequisite Operating System: Windows 10 or higher are supported. Apple Hardware and Linux are currently not supported. You can run designMACHINE using a third party virtual Windows environment such as Parallels, VMWare or Fusion. Hardware Requirements: Intel-compatible Pentium 4 or higher with a minimum of 800 GHz, At least 1GB of RAM (4GB recommended), Hard disk with …

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smartOFFICE Online

What browsers are supported?

Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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What is the Admin Menu?

The Admin Menu is the button located at the top right of smartOFFICE Online next to your name. This displays the menu options: Settings, Import, My Account and Logout.

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How to add/update Product URL in a Product?

Used to quickly lookup the product on the internet Steps: 1. Click: Manage 2. Click: PRODUCTS 3. Search: Find product 4. Click: Action drop-down button to the right of the product 5. Click: Edit 6. Click: Specifications 7. Editable: Product URL 8. CLICK TO VISIT – Will open to that URL 9. Click: SAVE button smartOFFICE Link: Company Products

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How can I import contacts into my smartOFFICE Online account?

We will import your contacts for you. You may either send us an IIF file of your contacts from QuickBooks or add your contacts to our SOO Contact Import Template.xls. The SOO Contact Import Template.xls may be found in our forum at

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Can I remove all of the products that I just imported?

You can undo an import. Click the Admin Menu and select Import. Your imports are located here. Click the undo button to remove all of the products that were imported.

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