Control4 Partners with Simply Reliable to Drive Revenue and Efficiency for C4 Integrators

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Simply Reliable, the leader in cloud-based business process management, has partnered with Control4 to facilitate efficiencies and productivity for integrators. Using Simply Reliable’s software products, integrators are now able to more efficiently generate and share proposals, then collect deposits, create accurate installation drawings in minutes rather than days, generate fewer errors and benefit from time savings using the preordained job processes.

Simply Reliable’s (SRi) smartOFFICE is tailored to the custom integration industry and offers simple proposal generation and approval with e-commerce for client payment collection, project management, logistic support and business intelligence to integrators. Combined with designMACHINE, Control4 dealers using SRi’s Ci4C4 Control Integration process can automatically create wiring diagrams, floor plans and cable schedules, and integrators can get two days’ worth of work done in 23 minutes.

Simply Reliable provides a complete proposal and project management solution that can generate a high-quality, shareable, electronic proposal in just minutes. Using Quickspec, a point and click method to add Control4 and other integration products to a proposal, dealers can then export the proposal file into designMACHINE where it launches Control Integration to find and import drivers for the products included in the accepted proposal. Once these drivers are added, they become part of that dealer’s unique database of items further expediting the process in future proposals. designMACHINE then turns the proposal into a Control4 Composer Software (.c4p) file. The dealer then simply connects the bindings to complete the connections and signal paths and voila – the wiring diagram and cable schedule are automatically created. If any binding errors are present, designMACHINE will call those out for correction. This entire process takes just 15 to 20 minutes. designMACHINE takes the drafting out of creating these drawings saving integrators hours of work.

“I’m excited about this partnership and the closer relationship with Control4,” said Tom Coffin, President/CEO of Simply Reliable. “The agreement brings improved efficiency, productivity, and cash flow to Control4 dealers – the trifecta for integrators. Once dealers use our software, they will be amazed at the time saving smartOFFICE and designMACHINE brings them and they will see the benefits immediately.”

“We are excited to partner with Simply Reliable to make it easier than ever for our dealers to accurately and efficiently convert proposals to fully functional Control4 programs using smartOFFICE software,” stated Noel Gouff, Vice President of Business Development. “Using Simply Reliable’s software products, Control4 dealers are afforded new options to increase work efficiency, quickly generating and sharing proposals which make their businesses more competitive, profitable and professional.

At Control4, our focus on dealer success is unmatched and we continuously source new partners, solutions, channel tools and programs to make sure our dealers have the best resources available to them.”

Simply Reliable has defined and digitized the workflow process for small business enabling employees to work efficiently. It makes managing a business proactive vs. reactive. Each employee knows the next right step to take to ensure success through best practices. Simply Reliable is the only company to create a single platform for small business that focuses on the entire business process workflow from proposals to invoicing.

smartOFFICE is exceptionally fast and easy to learn and use. This has strong appeal for small business owners who have had to struggle to run their business using multiple unintegrated apps, making scaling their business virtually impossible. smartOFFICE is to business process as QuickBooks was to accounting 20 years ago – a significant and affordable digital transformation for small business.

Video details about Simply Reliable and Control4 integration can be viewed at

smartOFFICE is sold in Editions starting at $40 per month. A free 30-day trial with setup support is available at smartOFFICE.

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