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You know the typical buttoned-up Simply Reliable Systems booth that you usually see at CEDIA? Mostly a big process chart and some computer demos?

Don’t expect that kind of display this year at CEDIA Expo 2012 from the maker of the SmartOffice project management software for custom integrators. The SRS booth is going to be the floor shocker this year on the Software Back Office side of things.

With a whole new experience-style booth, SRS is showing a brand new suite of software that bridges the gap from the designer to the tech and everyone in between, and a fresh new attitude that shows you that Simply Reliable has its head in the clouds.

The new software being called “I cant say yet” plans to be the final destination for every aspect of your business.

As one of the first true cross-platform PC, Mac, Mobile custom-integration management software suites the plan that Simply Reliable has for you is to do business smarter, simpler, and more reliably.

Leading with the mantra of Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device, SRS is setting up its booth to showcase a real-time project from the design phase to the admin phase, over to the deployment phase, all the while hearing from admin, sales, and accounting, and finally to completion.

Now this sounds good and all, but will it feel real and be a good example? The answer is yes. This will not be your standard display set up. The floor will be loaded with PCs, iPads, Android devices, and a couple fistfuls of smart phones. SRS is not just going to tell you how they can make your business run better they are going to prove it to you.

Keep an eye open as I will be blogging this booth from CEDIA as part of the CE Pro Blog Mob, with news, updates, and yes some videos.

Special Report from Tom Coffin of SRS:

SRS has been working on this concept for years. Right before the market dropped out years ago we had planned on creating a true business experience concept for our floor demo.

When the market dropped out we had to pull the concept but the timing was actually good for this. For what we wanted to do, the technology just wasn’t ready yet.

Now with so many powerful mobile and tablet devices we can actually offer a True Cross Platform that not only can tie all the pieces of the business together but also integrated some of the most used business software solutions into one global business solution that truly exemplifies the “Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device” solution that this industry so badly needs.

Doing the “business” part of our business shouldn’t hold us back or make what we do less enjoyable! Let’s face it we all love what we do in this industry. There is a certain satisfaction and fun in what we do.

Why should the business end of things take away from that fun factor that was probably the reason we got into this industry anyway! Let SRS streamline the business end of things so you spend more time enjoying what you do and create, track, and manage the revenue that follows.

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