3 Guiding Principles for Anyone in Sales

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I’ve spent 27 years in Sales selling high-end Consumer Electronics and have attended countless “sales training” and “seminars”.  While I learned a lot of tips and tricks at those events, the core of my success can be boiled down to these three principles

People buy from people – Relationships matter more than most salespeople realize.  

One of the most fundamental principles of sales is building a relationship with the potential client.  As the seller, you have to be able to make a connection with the buyer.  The connection could be over cars, sports teams, technology, travel, or something completely obscure.  It’s critical that when you first meet a potential client during the qualifying stage, you get to know more about them outside of what they are looking to buy.  When you hit on something that you can connect with, have a conversation about it.  Did they mention a car that you’ve always wanted to drive?  Let them know.  Whatever it is, that connection is going to build the foundation of the relationship.  Your potential client must trust you so that they feel they will be treated fairly and that they will be happy with their purchase.  Building trust and relationships with potential clients is foundational to making successful sales. 

Follow up & follow through – Do what you say and say what you do….it’s that simple.

Following up with a potential client after an initial meeting is crucial in order to build trust and keeping the sales process moving forward.  Follow-through is equally important, as it insures that the customer’s needs are being met and that any issues that may arise are being addressed.  When you follow through, it shows your potential client that you care about their experience and it continues to build trust.

Get comfortable saying “I don’t know” – The truth will get you much further.

It can be tempting to try and have all the answers, but the truth is that no one knows everything.  When you admit that you don’t know something, it shows that you are honest and willing to admit your limitations.  This can build trust with your potential client and show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile to find the answers that they need.  In the case that it’s a prospective client, it gives you a reason to contact them again and potentially close the sale.

Understanding and implementing these three guiding principles of sales can help you be more successful with potential clients.  By keeping these principles in mind, you can build strong relationships with your customers which will lead to closing more sales.

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