simplyreliable|OS and designMACHINE

Two great products that work great together


simplyreliable|OS is a complete end-to-end bBusiness operating system developed for systems integrators, by systems integrators.

From first point of contact to creating beautiful online or pdf proposals in minutes through managing the entire process from purchasing, inventory, project management, time tracking, accounting integration with QuickBooks Online or Desktop, simplyreliable|OS is your complete end-to-end business operating system. Available via WEB|iOS\Android​

Our step by step Welcome Process will help you setup a working demo including the brands you sell within 5 minutes. Then utilize our smartPRENEUR Academy to watch a complete demo and educate yourself at your own pace in about an hour.

Imagine, an Enterprise-Grade complete end-to-end business operating system up and running, you and your staff trained in about an hour. You don’t have time to waste. Your Success is Our Goal!


designMACHINE is a Windows Based, patented solution to quickly and easily create drawings and documentation. Create floor plans, wiring diagrams, cable schedules, IP address schedule, BOM, and labels and more.

Why pay thousands of dollars for software and dedicated draftspeople spending days and weeks creating drawings and documentation when designMACHINE can do the work for you in a few minutes for a few hundred dollars?

Together with simplyreliable|OS use the Ci4C4 (Control Integration for Control4) Process to shave days of time off projects. Create as-builts from Crestron and Savant for automatic production of drawings. Drawings are no longer hard to do, create them for every project.

* designMACHINE is a Windows desktop application. It requires a license of Microsoft VISIO and Excel 2016 or newer.

  • As a Control4 dealer; simplyreliable|OS and designMACHINE has helped me close many deals, invoice my customers, order products, schedule the work and create composer projects fast and easy? Their Ci4C4 Process is powerful. Great Platform!Lewis Franke - LED Systems LLC

  • I am LOVING your product thus far. It KICKS ASS !!! I have been using other products in the past and find your solution much simpler and more intuitive to use.Ben Clay - Soule

  • Since we have used the software we have definitely seen a growth in the business. It’s a great product and sensibly pricedGary Gibbs - iMedia Distribution Ltd

  • The program is fantastic and the time I save is priceless.Steve Omert - iHomes Group

  • When I started my company I went to CEDIA and saw Simply Reliable. I bought smartOFFICE and designMACHINE. It was the smartest thing I ever did. To this day it runs my entire business. I love it!Bill Reimer - Tech Interiors, Inc.

  • I love your support!!Mark Jewell - Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc.

  • It is nice to work with a software company that listens to the end usersScott Starzinger - HD Media Systems

  • I closed my first two proposals with your software last week. Both projects requested upgrades, in less than 15 min each I had new proposals ready for them!Bob Smith - Central IA Systems

  • The Quickspec feature is unique and an incredible time saverJosh Buegner


The simplyreliable|OS  cloud architecture and the offline syncing capabilities of the mobile apps means that you have the tools you need where you need them. Business today moves at the speed of light. Don’t lose projects because you cannot get back to the office to get a proposal done. Manage your staff, invoice clients, order products and communicate with clients from any internet connected device.


You are too busy to waste three meetings closing a sale. Why not close on the first visit? Quickspecs allow you to create a proposal in front of a prospect. Leave with a signed contract not just a vague budget.


Drawings and documentation are key pieces of information. A drawing helps the designer/engineer to communicate the vision they presented to the prospect in order to close the deal and turn them into a customer. Drawings used to take a long time. Now with the patented automated processes in designMACHINE anyone can create floor plans, wiring diagrams, cable schedules, and wire labels in minutes instead of days. Every job should have great drawings and documentation, it will save you and your team time and money..

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